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House Rules


Dear guests,


We would like to welcome you to and inform you in short with our house rules.




1. Check-in time is 15:00pm and check-out time is before 12:00pm. Early check in is subject to the room availability so please confirm with us 2 days before arrival.

2. Half rental fee will be charged for late check out after 15:00pm up until 22:00pm.

3. Children on the premises must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

4. Our Villas Phuket provide a self-serviced property. You need to take care of this temporary home during your stay. The garbage, kitchen utensils and tableware should be cleaned regularly. If you need daily room cleaning service, an additional cleaning fee will be charged.

5. It is strictly forbidden for prostitution, drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling and fighting in the properties. Please keep in mind that other guests may want to rest so please avoid making noise.

6. No signs or notices are permitted on patios, walls, or on lawns advertising any residence for rent, lease or for sale. No signs of any kind advertising or soliciting services and/or business of any type permitted in or around the properties. Name signs are permitted on the mailbox or lamp post only.

7. Guests are responsible for their pets (both cats and dogs) at all times. Pet droppings should be immediately cleaned up and deposited in an appropriate trash container.

8. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS: Guests shall advise management, in writing, of any items requiring repair (dripping faucets, light switches, etc.). Notification should be immediate in an emergency or for normal problems within regular business hours. Repair requests should be made as soon as the defect is noted. Service requests should not be made to maintenance staff or other such personnel.

9. Nothing is to be removed from the Activities Room, Maintenance Stockrooms, or any other common area. Chair, and all furniture which a permanent part of the properties may not be removed for any reason whatsoever.

10. Personal items should not be left in the hallways or other common areas.

11. Clothing, curtains, rugs, etc. shall not be shaken or hung outside of any window, ledge or balcony.

12. No debris of any kind shall be swept or thrown onto the common areas. No housekeeping or garden implements shall be outside the property at any time.




1. Guests shall not make or allow any disturbing noises in the property, whether by family or other guests, nor do, nor permit anything by such persons, which will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other persons.

2. All musical instruments, television sets, stereos, radios, etc., are to be played at a volume which will not disturb other persons.

3. The activities and conduct of guests and minor children of guests, outside of the property on the common grounds, parking areas, or any recreation facilities must be reasonable at all times of the day as to not annoy or disturb other persons.




1. The property must be kept clean, sanitary and free from objectionable odors.

2. Guests shall assist management in keeping the outside common areas clean.

3. No trash or other materials may be accumulated which will cause a hazard or be in violation of any health, fire or safety ordinance or regulation. Guests must keep trash container(s) in the garage. The close proximity of these containers makes it absolutely necessary that these containers be deodorized with proper chemicals for this purpose.




1. Please keep your valuables safe.

2. No smoking is allowed inside the property or in shared areas of properties.

3. All doors must be locked during the absence of the guest.

4. All appliances, except refrigerators, must be turned off before leaving the unit.

5. The use or storage of gasoline, cleaning solvent or other combustibles in the unit is prohibited.

6. The use of charcoal barbecues is prohibited unless consent is obtained from the Building Services Team.

Reminder: Both parties agree that the room rate already includes water and electricity.
During your stay please preserve our environment and be rational in water and electricity use.

We wish you a pleasant stay with us.



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